Resin-Finish Operator Demo

This is a one-of-a-kind event! We offer a practical demonstration at our customer’s specialised paintshop, lasting around 2 hours, where we provide operators, specialists and professionals with the chance to better understand our projects, our cycles and our special approaches to marketing and technical assistance. The aim is to encourage participants to attend our one-day “Resin-Finish Operator Course”. It is essential for all new professionals wishing to find the correct approach to the marketplace.

During the presentation, the following items will be covered:

  • The standard application cycle (with a practical demonstration and application, lasting about 30 minutes)
  • ELEKTALAB assistance service
  • “SOS Preventivi”, a user-friendly estimates tool
  • “Color Trend Materia”, the exclusive collection of original colours

Please contact us so that we can make arrangements to plan a demo at your store. Join us in presenting MATERIA to all your customers!