Texture Calceterra

CALCETERRA is a natural and ecological wall covering based on LIME and NATURAL SANDS, characterized by palpable colors and soft and delicate sensations. It is available in 4 TEXTURES, inspired by fibers (technical sheet C 501.20)

CALCETERRA is a powder composed of natural lime, white Carrara marble, to be mixed with water. It has a natural resistance to the attack of mold and bacteria, is white in color and can be colored with 20 NATURAL SANDS to obtain the 60 shades of the collection.

CALCETERRA base CT 2 Texture Linen, moreover, can be added with Silver or Bronze mica fragments for a bright and natural reflection.

Quick to apply, it is applied with a single-hand trowel. It is non-toxic and odorless, ideal on new surfaces or in renovations. Applicable to any internal and external coating, after adequate preparation of the support with the specific EKOBASE breathable gripping base (single coat) CALCETERRA can be protected with the natural finish OLIO EKO, or with the single-component clearcoat OPAKO for a high protection.