Pastellone 2.0


The old-fashioned flooring surface, for the house of the future.

With the Pastellone 2.0 line, Elekta offers a new idea of coatings, as in past times… humble, natural hand-mixed, materials, colored with ground earths, protected with the natural Eko Oil. This collection includes few colors, because they are exclusively originated from natural earth.
The 2 mm thick Pastellone 2.0 is a blend of technology and research, while maintaining a very minimalist look. This is due to its natural composition, obtained by mixing sands, alluvial deposits, minerals, binding powders colored with finely ground natural earths, washed and mixed together. By adding water or, for the floors, a small quantity of binding powder, you obtain a creamy blend that can be brushed for more than three hours on the floors and walls. Moreover, it can be applied both vertically and horizontally, on walls and floors, bathroom, kitchens, living areas, offices, staircases, indoor and outdoor surfaces, always achieving the highest performances. The new Pastellone 2.0 can be protected with a special waterbased mat oil, whether applied on the wall, enhances its unique transparency or penetrative feature.

The full-body synthetized natural color, can now face new challenges since it is light, scratch, incision resistant. In brief, the main features of the Pastellone 2.0 collection are: low environmental impact (it is entirely water-based), reduced thickness, sturdiness and resistance, great aesthetic value, capable of giving a natural color to all environments, innovation and the quality ensured by genuine, made in Italy products.